Safer Internet Day with a national Theme "Bagong Normal: Ligtas na Internet for All!"


Brigada Eskwela,  signal that we need to prepare our school for the entrance. It is held annually where our school is organized by the teachers together with the parents, LGU and Barangay Officials so that the children can enter properly and it will be pleasant in the eyes of the children. Because of this they excited to enter their new classroom. Everything is beautifying the layout of the classroom. That was at a time when there was no pandemic.

But now we are in a difficult situation, where the child cannot even see his/her classroom to enter. They have a materials needed in school, and a new clothes to wear. The Brigada Eskwela is important to each of our students. We still help to meet the needs of every student who is incapable so that they can continue of the new normal. Thae Brigada Eskwela is a Bayanihan that shows teamwork and love. Can you be part of our Brigada Eskwela? Let’s go in and be part of our Brigada Eskwela 2021.