Education is indeed very important in the lives of everybody. It is our key to having a better life in the future. Through education, we can have a decent house, job, salary, and of course decent status in society.

Education is one of the most important if not the most important things in one’s life. It is his weapon to battle ignorance, poverty, and undesirable things in life. It is through education that everyone will have a better future. Education is like a treasure that nobody can get. It is a learning that would stay forever. It is going to be the most valuable possession of one being. Indeed, education gives nothing but positive effects on one’s life.

With these, it is recommended that all children undergo education. It should be a must, as this is the ticket to having a successful life, a foundation to having a better life in the future. Yes, it will take hard work, perseverance, sacrifices, sleepless nights, trouble financially speaking, but the results are worth every single drop of sweat anyone invested in education.