Parents’ Roles in School

          Even though every school is about the teachers and students, parents have a huge role in school too. First is how they support their child, the students. Parents are actually the first teachers of their children. The support that they give truly affects children's development. Many students who excel in their respective class receive a whelming support from their parents. It is a big factor for a student to feel that their parents have their support. The support of parents is more of a big thing in elementary pupils since the kids are just starting to build their study habits. The parents will be a major factor in the quality of a pupil’s output.

          One of the roles of a parent in the school is also to check the progress of their child. They can communicate with their child’s adviser or to any teacher to check if their child is improving. They can also help the teacher to correct the student’s behavior in a class. Students are not just the ones who would benefit if their parent will engage, teachers too. It is a good thing when a teacher knows the background of a student, especially when they have a special need. With this, a teacher can come up with a strategy on how to deal with a student.

          Even research shows that when parents are involved in their children’s education, children are more engaged with their school work, stay in school longer, and achieve better learning outcomes. This also translates into longer-term economic and social benefits (GPE Secretariat, 2018). A parent may think that they should leave it all to the teacher, but they must understand that they have a role to fill too. It is more something to be proud of when your child was able to achieve something because of your support.