The enablers and action to continue your passion

People have different passions in life. Passions that urge them to thrive and soar high amidst life's adversity. Some dream of working on a ship or a plane to travel the world freely, others dream of being an artist so they can showcase their talents, and others dream of becoming a teacher. What are the reasons for dreaming about something that motivates you to pursue your passions? What motivates you to become a teacher?

Landing on our dream job is fulfilling. Though some careers do not offer high salary benefits, we continue to practice them out of love. One of the noblest jobs in the world is teaching. Though some people look down on the teaching job because they perceive it as an easy-to-complete course, only the people in the academe genuinely know the struggle to become an efficient and effective teacher. It is a selfless career that requires a strong passion for succeeding. Some people discover that they have a passion for teaching the first time they start interacting with the students. They feel motivated and dedicated to pursuing their passion for teaching. Some factors enable them to foster that passion. First, of course, is their family. They want them to become proud of what they have become and achieved. Then, there are motivators. People they look up to that motivated them to walk the track into the teaching path. These people inspire them every time they talk about their relationship with the students. A beautiful bond where you can find care, love, acceptance, understanding, and appreciation. Eventually, this bond will flourish and blossom into a family. The teachers' bond with the students enables them to continue their passion. For a teacher, it is fulfilling to see your students learn and enjoy at the same time, to the point that sometimes, you give more attention to your students' appreciation rather than your salary. You feel energized and motivated whenever the students appreciate your effort, especially when you see them develop and learn. Gradually, these things are becoming your driving force to continue teaching. The recognition you get from this profession encourages you to continuously seek personal and professional development. Also, being a teacher is such a noble profession; it is worth your time and effort. Molding students to become a better version of themselves is not an easy job, but it is worth the effort. If it is your passion, you will love and enjoy doing it no matter what it is.

Teaching is not an easy job. You are not just a teacher because you are more than that. You will be a mother, friend, counselor, coach, facilitator, judge, and more. Even though teachers have many responsibilities on their shoulders, they stay in this profession. One of the reasons they do that is the impact they cause on the students, the sacrifices and extra miles they can do for the well-being and welfare of their students, and to meet the needs of their diverse learners. Maybe some learning will be forgotten, but not the teacher who delivered that meaningful learning, the people behind that knowledge, especially if you are a remarkable teacher and left ample space in your students' hearts. Those are the things that teachers look forward to; they want to be remembered as a teacher and a friend, a mother, and a sister who became part of the students' lives. They want their names to be remembered with positive words like caring, motivator, guide, and hope. Of course, you cannot just do that with a snap of your finger. As a teacher, you need to work hard to earn those things, especially the respect and trust of your students.

The role of a teacher should not be limited in school. It should be beyond the four corners of the classroom. Your students should feel the concern and sympathy that you have for them. You must continue to educate yourself, so strive for continuous personal and professional development. You cannot give what you do not have and teach what you do not know; therefore, you need to strive to be your students' better teacher and facilitator. Your goals and passion should lead and motivate you, so whenever you encounter problems in teaching, you should go back to your objective and purpose. Reminding yourself that you are in this field not to make easy money but to become an instrument so others can have quality education and lead them to become the best version of themselves will help you succeed in your profession. Though you still need to endure a long and tiring journey to mold more students, do not mind putting in an effort because this is your passion, and you will surely love doing it again and again.