Regular Covid Test For Teachers Would Minimize Classroom Risks

           As far as Sen. Sherwin Gatchalian is concerned,the teachers conducting face-to-face classes must have regular Covid-19 tests,and there is wisdom in this.

Gatchalian,chairman of the Senate Committee on Basic Education,Culture and Arts, issued the call after having witnessed the start of limited in-person classes on Nov. 15.

He noted that two schools in Zambales postponed the opening of in-person classes because seven teachers tested positive for Covid-19.

"We should consider giving regular Covid-19 tests for teachers. We should also monitor their vaccination. To minimize risks,we need to test. The testing for the teachers must be funded and if there are positive cases, support for them must also be ready," Gatchalian said in a report in the Manila Times.

He emphasized the need to provide financial support to schools to ensure that they have adequate health supplies and facilities for water,sanitation and hygiene.

Gatchalian said schools need funds so they can purchase equipment and maintain cleanliness in the area. Cleanliness is important. They have to purchase soaps and put up needed facilities.

            To ensure the safety of all students in the classroom and the rest in the campus,regular Covid-19 test for teachers is really a must.