The Impact of a Healthy Working Environment to Employees

The working environment setting be it social or physical feature where employees perform their job/ duties greatly affects the feelings of wellbeing, workplace relationships, collaboration, health, and efficiency of employees. These are the reasons why it is very important to create a positive environment/ space that promotes productivity and growth. Aside from this, great workplace encourages the employees to have a balance life, flexible schedules, provides generous paid off, accommodating individual requests and needs and develops a supportive workplace that understands the personal and family obligations of each employee.

To fully understand a positive work environment the following signs must be seen or observe in a company, school or institution…relaxed and productive atmosphere, employees are committed towards attaining excellence, there is an open and honest communication in the group, there is sense of humor to break boredom, employees are compassionate, respectful and flexible, facilitate opportunities for learning, prioritize onboarding and training and improve a strong workplace culture.

Today, there is an urgent need to continually create a healthy working environment in every institution so we need to consider these factors…job must be stimulating and challenging,  employees need to be open to learn new things and develop their skills, achieve measurable results, they need to feel they are valued and part of the team,  there must be opportunities to grow and progress within the company and they play an important part in the workplace where their contributions and sacrifices are deeply appreciated. All these important things apply to both public and private sectors.

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