How Do You Determine Success?

The definition of success differs from one person to one another. It differs according to people’s interest and goals and according to Eugene Adu-Wusu, success is accomplishing an aim or a purpose. It can also mean attainment of popularity or profit to attain prosperity. But to some, they measure their success by having all of the material things that anyone could ever dream of or by socializing and bragging to people how much money they make. They thought that being wealthy is the measurement of success. But how can we really say we are successful in life?

          Every person has their own definition of success. Even for me, I have my own. My own success is not defined by achieving a higher position in my chosen field, earning a lot of money, being a well-known person or buying all the things I want. For me, success is the contentment I have in my life and spreading the happiness within me. It can also be just simply living a happy life, surrounded by the people who love me and I love most. Having a stable job and providing my needs and my family is just a bonus. But being able to have a positive outlook in life and being able to help anyone is a real achievement. Further, for me, success is having the capacity to do the things I love.  We should follow our passion because that is where our heart and soul is. When we follow it, we don’t need to put any extra effort because we are happily doing the things that we love. My own real success has a lot to do with positive feelings; it is all about the feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

          With our own different success stories and meanings of it, it just comes down to this: living in contentment and making this world a better place. Those two things are the essence of being successful. But If you are a happy person and you love your life, then success is also yours.