The Essential Work of Teachers

The role of the teacher under the pillar of learning to know is best described as facilitator. As a teacher she is the one who is responsible for imparting the knowledge to the students not only academically but also the values that the students can learn from him is a major role to give students proper education. The teacher’s role of preparing students' minds and abilities can create a massive impact on individuals and society.

 The focus on teaching contains a broad range of skills including communicating and modeling language, exploring ideas, instruction, and assessment. Hence, collaboration is a key component of our practice as teachers to respond quickly and creatively to challenges. It can enhance the development of every individual, group, or organization in thinking effective problem solving and adapting strategies to change. As an educator, it is essential to work collectively to support innovation and improve students’ learning. Moreover, supporting high-quality teaching is pivotal in improving children’s outcomes. It can be done if the teachers will reshape the landscape of education by collaboratively infusing the latest technology and pedagogy while delivering knowledge to learners.