The Ayta Magbukon of Bangkal, Abucay, Bataan

                 Ayta Magbukon, a group of Ayta found in the province of Bataan. The term Magbukon is not a tribe; it is one of the dialects of the Aytas in Bataan which means “nagbukod” (separated from). The dialect is a hybrid of Tagalog, Kapampangan, and a bit of Zambal. According to history, it was developed by the Aetas who first settled in Mariveles, Bataan. It does not have its own alphabet; instead, it uses the Tagalog alphabet.   

                The Ayta Magbukon particularly residing among the towns of Bagac, Mariveles, Limay, Orion, and Balanga in the second district. While in the first district in the towns of Samal, Orani, Morong, and Abucay.

The town of Abucay is divided into nine (9) barangays namely: Calaylayan, Gabon, Wawa, Capitangan, Mabatang, Laon, Salian, Omboy, and Bangkal which is the locale of the study. The town of Abucay is one of the most historically filled towns in Bataan. Abucay is the first base of the Spanish Dominican missionaries outside Manila. The parish church, dedicated to Sto. Domingo de Guzman is considered to be the second oldest church in the Philippines. The town is also the home of the great Tomas Pinpin, the first Filipino printer.

                Bangkal’s name came from the Tagalog word “bangkal” which means big tree, since fisher folks from the coastal communities of Abucay got their logs used for building their boats from the forests of Bangkal. Brgy. Bangkal, in Abucay, Bataan is situated within the Bataan Natural Park, which is 23,688 hectares of protected mountainous land of Bataan. This mountainous barangay is in the west of Mt. Nagpali, eastern side of Brgy. Mabatang and north of Brgy. Palili in Samal, Bataan. It has an approximate size of 1,887 sq. km. Eighty hectares of the total land area is used for residential while the rest is for agriculture. In Bangkal you can find the Bataan Peninsula State University, Abucay Campus (formerly Bataan National Agricultural School); behind the site of the university can be found the community of the Ayta Magbukon. From the City of Balanga, the capital city of Bataan, one takes a jeep ride to Bangkal forty-five minutes (45 mins) roughly 21 km. away via the Roman SuperHighway and Mabatang vicinal road.