Research: A Teacher’s Perspective

The world has seen several technological changes over the years. In reaction to the academic world's constantly shifting tide, numerous concepts are created, improved upon, and abandoned. As we teachers are the ones living in this new period, it is only normal that we strive to get better all the time. Globalization wants the greatest graduates, the most competitive workforce, and the most creative leaders since the rate of growth does not stop for anybody. It is our obligation to assume that duty.

Research is designed to be a tool for finding solutions. It is the primary way of obtaining data and processing it into something intelligible, whether it's about identifying a trend or a solution. As academic peers, writing a research paper should come naturally to us. That is only another tool we may utilize to hone our trade. A well-done study can provide crucial information about our surroundings. Every persistent pattern or behavior may be observed through study, and this can help determine what should be the focus of attention. Our problem may be solved via research. To observe it successfully, many ways are tested.

For me, research is a chance to achieve something impactful. A teacher is a crucial part of the growth of a student and on a bigger note – of society. As such, it is my responsibility to create an impact on my students using research. By setting a good example, my students can become more motivated in crafting their own research paper based on their experience in Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing (EPAS). Of course, this will also help me improve my skills in writing, critical thinking, and problem solving. In the end, research for me is a tool that is used to elevate the quality of life. Many impactful inventions originated from the mind of brilliant people, and I will utilize it to elevate my own skill for the benefit of many.

This is also a must since I am a senior high school teacher. Research is another form of writing that I must master if I were to become a competent teacher. It is also because this research could improve my teaching methods when facing students with difficulty in acquiring the necessary competencies.

Besides that, the teacher must also work hard to develop a new instructional material (IM) or intervention program to alleviate the problem they discovered earlier. It takes a deep understanding of content knowledge in order to find/develop a suitable lesson for the level of the learners. Another thing to consider is the deep pedagogical knowledge to execute the material perfectly to the learners lagging. That is why it is essential for all of the teachers to be up to date when it comes to newer content. An updated set of knowledge can come in handy when it comes to any unexpected development or discovery.

The combination of continuous learning and the constant application of it through research will greatly increase not just the overall skill of the teachers but the quality of education as well. This is because the teachers are not just well versed in the classroom, but rather contain a useful set of skills when it comes to other parts of a school.

Many countries are currently lagging behind when it comes to the state of education. It is no secret to everyone that the equipment/ materials we have is not enough to sustain a better learning environment. However, it is our duty to make the most of our abilities when it comes to teaching. For it is our duty as teachers to always provide the best education for every student.