Dreams Unyielding

In the realm where dreams take flight,

With determination burning bright,

We stand, unyielding, brave, and bold,

A tapestry of stories yet untold.

Through valleys low and mountains high,

We chase our dreams across the sky,

A battle waged with hope as gleams,

Guiding us through life's winding streams.

Obstacles like shadows loom,

Yet within us, a relentless bloom,

With every challenge, we find our strength,

And go to any length to go the length.

No matter how the winds may gust,

In dreams, we place unwavering trust,

For within our hearts, a fire gleams,

Igniting the path to reach our dreams.

So let the world its doubts hurl,

We'll fight, for we're each a pearl,

Shining bright in passion's stream,

Fighting fiercely for our dream.