“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” Nora Roberts is right with what she has said. What can you do to get what you want? Today, you are a teacher, a public servant, a private employee or a newly graduate student looking for something new, having a big room available for improvements, and ready to accept new challenges. You might want to consider taking up Master’s Degree. It can be one step forward to your dreams. It is the first step in graduate studies.

Why pursue graduate studies? There are acceptable reasons for an individual to take the degree. Master’s Degree is a great investment for your future. The school can be an improvement ground to those who are already in their career fields. It is taking college degree learnings into higher understanding with practicum.


Today, having the Degree can be a great step to being noticed in job market. Once, a student who is taking the class was asked as an introduction why he enrolled in the class. The answer was for “promotion”. The rest were asked for their reasons and everyone said the same. More jobs especially in public offices require the degree to be promoted. It can also be a title for an individual to hold. An employer prefers applicants who are holding the degree. Graduates are known to have the quality that the employers would want in their offices to work with.

Taking the degree would not only mean that you want promotion or a higher-paid job. This degree can also help you to pursue your interests in more depth. You are taking each subjects to deeper understanding with which  you will be able to conduct researches that will prove or will strengthen your beliefs. A student of the degree could also contribute to the world’s knowledge through his research or his thesis or theses. It will be available for public to read and will be references to ideas and formulate solutions to different problems in the society. Students who finished the degree can also be invited in conferences, local or international to present their papers. This is already an achievement to them as their works will be presented and published to be heard and read by other researchers. Their contributions to research will help improve social understanding.

Last but not the least, imagine working with the degree holders. All who mastered higher academic knowledge with their fields, everyone giving each other the wisdom they learned and sharing experiences within the team. It is like working with the bests and be motivated to do your jobs more adequately.

What stops you from taking the degree? Think. Money? Think again. It is a short term investment for a long term benefit.




Registrar I - Luakan National High School






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