What is public service? It is a service rendered in public interest also known as employment in the government.   If you are in the private sector, you'll probably ask why there are people who work in the government knowing that you can earn a lot more in private sector. Also, there is an exam which an employee needs to pass before he or she can be regular or permanent. Whereas, many employees stay as contractual or temporary until they pass the exam or worse, until they retire. There are employees who retire as contractual without getting any benefits from the government. How can you enter and keep public service? According to the Executive Order No. 292, Book V, Title I, Subtitle A, Chapter 2, Coverage of the Civil Service, Section 7, the career service shall be characterized by (1) entrance based on merit and fitness to be determined as far as practicable by competitive examination, or based on highly technical qualifications; (2) opportunity for advancement to higher career positions; and (3) security of tenure. There are many reason why people choose civil service but these three are the best known reason why they choose to stay.

Tenure. Today, security of tenure is not much of a big deal in government employment. It is a constitutional guarantee that an employee cannot be removed from the office. Employees would undergo series of investigations and grievances before losing their jobs. But, there is always an exemption to the rule. There are specified and exceptional instances that an officer can be removed. For example, the appointing authority can fire an officer from the highest position in an agency down to the lowest. Recently, the Chairman of the DSWD has been removed from the service by disapproving her appointment. The Commission of Appointments is a body of the Congress which confirm certain appointments made by the President. It participates in checks and balances of the government. This applies to high level positions appointed by the President. To middle levels and rank and file positions, tenure is still secured. Most employees if asked why they keep the job will answer this.

Opportunity. There is an opportunity for advancement to higher career position as soon as it opens. There is a big chance that whoever is next in rank to the position will be promoted but not all the time. There are lots of permanent positions waiting for the incumbent temporary or provisional employees, and even to the applicants from other sectors who wished to take the challenge. Applicants should only meet the minimum requirements to be qualified and undergo process of hiring.

Entrance based on merit and examinations. Every employee should pass through an examination to be qualified for the position. Like any other board exams, applicants review and prepare for the civil service examination. Once you pass the exam, you are already qualified for the position, to some permanent positions not requiring any professional job experiences. Merit systems can also be maintained to positions with highly technical and scientific in nature. The office accepts skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled applicants who will undergo series of trainings all expense paid by the government.

Above all, there is one positive reason without any explanation. You love to serve the people, and your country.




Registrar I - Luakan National High School


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