There are a lot of views regarding leadership. I will start with the saying of our national hero, Jose Rizal, that the youth is the hope of our future. Nowadays a lot of educational institutions are focused on developing student leaders through different student organizations. As early as the elementary age, the students were given some sense of responsibility for them to gain self-discipline and leadership skills. This sense of responsibility levels up when students enter secondary and tertiary levels. This idea is taken from the fact that the earlier we train the youth to be leaders, the more skills, competencies and values are instilled to them. Despite the facts that there are a lot of news, crimes and accidents that are related with the youth; a lot of institutions still believe that they are the ones that will build the future.

Throughout the years there were various views regarding leadership. Each leader has his/her style and strategy depending on the situation. In today’s era where the youth, or also known as the millennial, are given such leadership responsibilities; they possess their own style of leadership.

Although it is understandable that they are still young and they also need constant guidance and support, the millennial leaders try to excel and stand out in their own ways. Millenial leaders are characterized as effective problem solvers, a social being, innovative and inspiring. They try to root out the most effective way of performing things and solving problems. Since they are in the exploratory stage of their life they try to maximize the resources that they have. Moreover, their being persistent in doing and exploring things are also valued. They also exercise collaborative and supportive type of leadership. Since social relationship and communication are important; they always try to mingle, talk and bond with others. They are also open for changes and try to respect the differences of each person and trying to avoid discrimination. One also acts as a role model in order to inspire others.

Through the millennial leaders we try to bring the hope back in the light of these youths as they establish a better future for them and for the next generation.



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