Since we are in the digital age, a lot of advances has already undertaken most especially in the field of technology in education. Its incorporation in the field of education has brought a lot of advancements and improvements in the delivery of lesson. From the traditional teaching strategy and paper and pencil examination, teachers nowadays can use computers to administer it. In addition to this, the transition from the use of textbooks into tablets is also a groundbreaking innovation. Furthermore, document sharing and communication are made easier due to technology. It may still be expected that as the years pass by, a lot more other advancements will take place.

Given these advancements, there are advantages and disadvantages that accompany them. Some of the advantages include: (1) improvement in efficiency and (2) promotion of better communication. On the other hand, some of the disadvantages are: (1) proneness to laziness and (2) data easily becomes obsolete.

Having advances in technology make the work more efficient. Teachers can immediately teach a lesson provided they have a variety of resources and technology to use; with just some clicks away, learning instruction can immediately be provided.  Moreover, technological advancement promotes better communication. The students and teachers can use different means of media in order to communicate. Some teachers prefer sending learning materials and instructions with the use of social media accounts.

Although it has been proven that the advances in technology established beneficial effects; it is also true that there are some disadvantages that comes with it. First, it lets the students to be too much dependent on technology and the internet which makes them lazy. They’ve forgotten to experience the earlier way of teaching and get used to “copy and paste” practices. Another downfall of the advances in technology is that it easily becomes obsolete due to the changes that happened which is very fast-phased.

Given that there are a lot of other advantages and disadvantages due to the technological advancements, it is necessary to be mindful in its usage. The key is to always use it in moderation.


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