“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”- Nelson Mandela. The quote above is a testament on how powerful education is. All the dreams that we want in life would not materialize if we will not be educated. There are infinity of things to learn in this world and having a quality education is a good starting point. If we want to be a doctor, lawyer, nurse and engineer, we should take our studies seriously because those who are tagged as professionals are the persons who have pursued learning.

Learning could be painful at times but that should not blur our sight from seeing its importance. We should subscribe to the thought that at the end of the day, all the money and material things that we have today can be taken away from us, but education is one thing that can last forever. Moreover, with education we will be aware of our rights and responsibilities as part of the society. We will learn that other for our consumption, the essence of our existence is to preserve humanity, to be of great service to others. With proper education, we will realize that we should use our knowledge and skills to be beneficial to others.

Indeed, education is something that will never lost its value. It will be relevant forever. How can we show that we value education? How can we promote education? We can show it by showing to people what a well-educated individual is. In that way, we can promote education by instilling on others that education makes a person competent, well-mannered and critical. It will open the eyes of others that a well-educated person is someone who can make good decisions; he is full of ideas and passion for learning.

And from being an ambassador of education, we can show people that we can change the world. The world is constantly changing, and for us to adapt and innovate, education would be vital.



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