Reading is the fastest and simplest way to raise the educational level of the students. It is the most important factor to gain knowledge. The mind of the children can be developed by enhancing their reading ability.

According to the study made by Rasiski, the reading fluency of every students can be improved through the utilization of different strategies.

However, there are some intances why the intervention in reading has put into a non-systematically implementation because the children themselves do not show their willingness to learn.Therefore, the construction of appropriate reading environment is advised by implementing enrichment reading program.

Here are some strategies to ensure the improvement of the reading ability of pupils:

  • Tailor the reading activities in accordance with the needs and level of the student;
  • Repeated reading of infrequent syllables to increase the reading speed at the word level;
  • Orthographic structure in a letter string forthe establishment of memory representations;
  • Ensure the awareness of children to the sound structure of language;
  • Phonological awareness of all readers;
  • Interactive reading-aloud styles;
  • Develop the adult mediation of word learning to develop vocabulary;
  • Include visual aids, talking, reading and writing stages; and
  • Develop a self regulatory skills and effective reading habits.

In addition with this, parents should also be involved in developing children’s literacy because the intense practice of the children in reading must be continuously developed even at home.


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