Competition in the school system can be considered a favoured medium to stimulate the flow of knowledge and support the students to think out what is in their mind so that they would be able to develop their thinking ability and creativity.

        The children are obliged to join a competition in order for them to visualize their key points of ideas and to tap their awareness and talents which can be instilled among fellow youths.

        It is said that a child is born without skills and knowledge, but the continuous participation in competitions to every part of their life through a learning process could be a big help for them to develop their ability. Skills and knowledge are mostly depended on education gained by the children in the classroom. There is no doubt that in order to achieve success, pupils should be trained and exposed to the different activities conducted in school.

        However, the students’ efficiency during competitions as reflected in school should be properly arranged by the educational institution because the biggest competition where every student competes is the exam itself to surpass their competitors which is their own selves.


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