Nutrition is indeed very significant for all children because it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and development. The children who have a right balance of nutrition can have a much better chance in creating a solid foundation for their brain activity. But how do the children enjoy a proper nutrition if they belong to a poverty line? Poverty is the major factor why some children have a substandard nutrition which leads them to develop a poor motor skills.

With this, the Department of Education disseminated a program to all school which will be focused on the eradication of hunger in school and that is a School-Based Feeding Program. The recipients of the said program can be determined by the school nurse through the evaluation of children’s nutritional status of pupils using a BMI or body mass index. After determining the wasted pupils, they will be fed in school within 120 days.

Undeniably, this program can be the answer and a great help to minimize the problem on malnutrition. If the children are assured of not having empty stomach once they arein school, positive results like better school performance aside from improvement in their nutritional status may be guaranteed. Likewise, this will be also a great chance for the school to inform parents about the beneficial effect of it to their children if they will continuously and personally feed their children with proper nutrition.


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