Teacher’s assessments such as formative and summative test, quarterly assessment, unit test and other kinds of test are formal and non-formal testing used by all teachers to evaluate the pupils learning in order to produce marks or grades. Undeniably, teachers used a ready-made test questions to determine if the learning or skill has occurred and how well the learning goals happened. 

For some instances, the results of pupils’ test using a ready-made test paper which is one of the traditional assessment practices in conducting tests are frustrating compared to the test questions made by the advisers.It can be noticed that some of the questions in the test are not accurately measured conceptual understanding because the skills on budget of work are different to the skills provided on the ready-made test. 

        With this, it is advised to use the teacher’s made test questions which are based on the current lessons. This idea would provide concrete insights into what teacher conceptions hinder the development of aligned assessment practices and would absolutely improve class performance.

        Here are some possible things that should be considered by the teachers before making a teacher’s made test:

* Conduct a pre-treatment survey to determine the pupils’ studying habit before taking a test.

* Diagnose the capability of the pupils based on their performance.

* Identify the needs to facilitate learning activities among the learners. Make sure that the learning process will be systematically delivered.

* Assess the test questions if the contents are properly written and organized

* Ensure the alignment of the skills before administering the test.


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