Guidance and Counseling is a profession that involves the use of an integrated approach to the development of a well-functioning individual in order to help someone to utilize his or her potentials to the fullest. These practices are being done so that the present or future plan will be aligned in accordance with abilities, interests and needs.
        Proper guidance includes functions such as counseling, psychological testing, (i.e. personality, career, interest, aptitude, mental ability, achievement), learning and study orientation, research, placement, referral and group processes. It also includes a teaching of guidance and counseling subjects, particularly those covered in the Licensure Examinations and necessary in other human development services.

        The legal basis of the profession which is Section 2, Article 1 of RA 9258 declares a policy of the state to promote the improvement, advancement, and protection of guidance and counseling profession by undertaking and instituting measures that will result in professional, ethical, relevant, efficient and effective guidance and counseling services for the development and accomplishment of individual and group lives.

        Every teacher should help their pupils in recognizing, accepting and developing their potentials, to adjust in the school system and to develop the skills they need to cope with the problems they meet.

        Moreover, Guidance Program implemented in school shall ensure that the Mission-Vision of the School is met through the provision of services that will enable the students:

  • to become aware of who they are and what they have;
  • to discover their environment and the roles they play in it;
  • to develop their potentials so that they can become healthy, happy, responsive and responsible individuals;
  • to determine the goals most appropriate for them and their milieu
  • to take the necessary steps needed to attain these self-chosen goals; and
  • to take the necessary steps needed to attain these self-chosen goals; to develop emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.


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