Every Filipino wants economic growth for our country and we all hope to participate in that growth just as we could all use the extra cash.

         In pressing for economic growth, Filipinos must also play a role in generating that growth. The government can only provide the right environment for more economic activities.

         To achieve growth, Filipinos must reciprocate with individual productivity that’s founded on ethical practices.

        In line with this, all schools continuously show theirsupport in PantawidPamilyang Pilipino Programwherein selected pupilsare blessed and benefited of the said program. Accordingly, education now is no longer a remote dream for poor students whose families belong to 4 P’s also known as conditional cash transfer program (CCT). This scholarship program has empowered the deserving members of poor households by providing them the opportunity to be employed to higher value-added occupations to help alleviate their family from poverty and at the same time enable them to contribute to national development.


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