Every teacher tries different strategies and intervention so that the reading ability of pupils would improve. For some reasons, the pupils’ awareness cannot be easily determined particularly if the importance of reading has not clearly valued.  Because of this, some of the questions provided in the lessons are not properly answered. And upon the conduct of oral reading test, it can be noticed that some pupils have struggled in reading especially in answering test questions.

        With this, an innovative classroom reading corner has advised in order to enhance the reading skills of the pupils. The utilization of the innovative classroom reading corner in remedial teaching can enhance the reading skills of the pupils. During the intervention, teachers have to provide extensive measurement such as answering their own Daily Reading Progress Form, Pupil’s Reading Book Log and Attitude Evaluation Form while using the reading corner.

Here are some strategies that can be utilized by the teachers during reading:

  • Oblige pupils to regularly use the reading corner particularly during remedial hour.
  • Allow them to interact to the story given to them. 
  • During remedial hour, the teacher should provide variety of attractive, interesting and innovative reading materials like adopting a stuff toy with a story book so that the pupils would encourage answering five (5) questions in the story. In doing this, students’ perception of themselves as readers positively affects the effort they make to read and this may relate to their literacy development.
  • Pupils’ daily participation to their classroom should be regularly observed.

        Moreover, daily monitoring of pupils’ oral reading progress through the use of the checklist in progress should be administered.


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