While Sex Education is included in academic curriculum, teaching Human Reproductive System is included in Science. Somehow, the two subject matter don’t have too much differences as one is part of the other. It didn’t surprise me that one day when I announced what subject matter is to be discussed the next day they never showed a shocked expression. Instead they loved it. In that case, I didn’t know how to clearly define the verb “loved it” for students belonging in Section A, regular section and in bridge section as I know you can understand me.

            The basics of Science teaching include using of mock-ups, models or realia. However, as far as this subject matter is concerned, my option is to use a model or mock-up which sadly are not present in the school I am working. My very last option is to stick on large pictures of male and female internal and external genitalia. Showing these to female students make their brows curve down and their mouth and cheeks crumpled with an expression of “yikes! Eew! Hmmmm!”. While for male students the top three initial response is “Ang Laki! Ayyyy! Ganyan yung kay ano!”. Honestly speaking for one hour instructional time, five minutes is spent on various reactions to the introduction of the subject matter. This is also the time that students become so active and curious initiating more questions coming from them. Some of these questions are: “Kelan sya fertile? May sperm pa din ba pagnagpa Vasectomy? Kelan hindi mabubuntis ang babae?”. Trust me with this one that with these questions most of these students have a different kind of thinking that’s why they are asking. Few times I will meet a sensible and serious question like “paano nagiging kambal?”. .

            Aside from seeing various reactions and hearing a lot of questions, one greatest difficulty in teaching this subject matter is introducing to them that this system of the body is connected to sexual intercourse. Hearing this word makes others shocked. Others enjoy hearing this kind of word. But as a teacher, I should maintain my composure and teaching with self confidence even though I am single. Married teachers do not have a hard time teaching this subject matter. One thing I see why single teachers hardly teach the subject matter is that they, like some students, are not very much open to the topic itself that it still startles them especially when talking with teenagers..


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