Schools become known because of the kind of students they produce. I have said this, because I teach where I graduated in high school. If you are familiar with Janine Tugonon who participated in Ms.Universe then she was a product of our school. I guess you already have an idea in what school I am teaching. But this is not about endorsing our school but giving credits to the talented, creative, smart, intelligent and skillful students that each school always have. The very best contribution that we, teachers, can give to our students is believing to their abilities and help them become excellent. Excellence is not a result of them winning on competitions but showing to the world what they got and what they have.

            Last September 28, 2017, some students from our school participated in Quiz Bee, Poster Making, Slogan and Essay Contest conducted by the Division Office with the title of Division Science Fair with a theme of “Science for the People”. Everytime there’s a competition like this, the talent of each student comes out. Of course, as a teacher, though we try to refrain from pressuring them up we still end up like that. However, in the end like what we’d learned in college that each student is a unique individual we have to trust and believe in what they can do because they are already wired with peculiarity, such skills and capacities that make them one of the best competitors. It doesn’t mean that we enter a Science Contest, it is pure knowledge. Even when a student is not good in memorizing, he’s still into the competition. If a student is good in art, coloring, shading, estimating hue, then he is very much qualified in Poster Making Contest. If a student is good in words, giving idea with a phrase or sentence, then he is qualified in Slogan Contest. If he is good in language, feeling every word and idea that comes out of her head, and is able to present her words in a manner that can give an impact to his readers, then he is qualified to Essay Contest. But if he is good in memorizing, analyzing, logic and computation, then he is qualified in Quiz Bee.

            To represent our school, we had Jerome Muro, Mervin Alarcon, Megan Echano, Jireh Cruz, May San Jose, Wilhelm Kelvin Lacsamana, AlzenRubenelli Reyes, Lea Bongco and Reynaldo Quicho. More than a walk in Ms.Universe, these students really made a name from the mouths of other students and other schools that even though they didn’t claim rank 1, they showed their own kind of excellence by hardwork and believing in themselves.  In the end, we do not acquire the credits for these students have all the rights to claim them not because they are like Janine Tugonon who made a name internationally neither they have such skills like wonder woman but because their excellence is so peculiar among thousands of students inside their campus.


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