Teachers are supposed to be the best instructional materials that the students can be mostly keen to see to learn thorough lessons inside or even outside the classroom. Years ago, the teacher to student interaction is literally with the use of traditional methodologies and materials which others say that boredom strikes most of the learners. They see these children as meek listeners to the teacher’s talks. This is not definitely how we should view the previous strategies our educators had before. In fact, we should thank them for letting us discover how our advancement can provide more opportunities in the learning process. The 21st century education offers a wide range of support that technically suffices the needs of the ever-getting larger population of students. It has been proven that the ratio of the prime movers of education should not exceed to at least 40 learners because it will highly affect the quality of instruction the learner has to absorb, analyze, learn, and apply. But in the case of our nation, we are still facing the glitches that challenge our school community on how to beat these scholastic barriers. This is where technology plays its role.

Educational technology encompasses the scope of past and present curricula implemented and managed in schools and other educational institutions. Teachers nowadays should rather be practitioners of new media, computer systems servicing, fast-paced “Intel”, and strategic research instrumentations that will confidently provide the needs of the learners in a well-maintained school environment so that it will be suitable to the call of society. When speaking about the cost, it makes a not-so-big difference. How is that? Old school materials used in making and constructing various visuals are more expensive when it is everyday done unlike producing a unit of a flat screen television that can be setup and can produce more motions that will certainly captivate the interests of the students. One fact that should always be in the minds of the teachers is that learning becomes more fruitful when it is enjoyed, although they should also insist that it does not violate the principle that learning is a painful process. Furthermore, today’s mode of fulfilling the blanks of civilization is research-based, so the students are taught more about researches and this requires a quick data transference using computer and internet. In effect, this does not eliminate the use of books and other printed materials. It just enhances the capabilities of both the educators and the learners to provide possible solutions to the existing problems.

Meanwhile, the advanced thread of educational technology is a mainstream to the educators and experts. It gives enough authentic experiences and skills that can be shared to one another. It is a Doppler effect. Once a drop falls to the clear water, it creates a vast wave until the circular edge. Computers and other software accesses are somehow difficult to maneuver that’s why it requires a deep exploration and practice before deploying instructional aids. Workshops and trainings are now addressed to the concerned staff and personnel. Through this, the dispersion of technological skills will be intact.

Our world is continually rotating on its own axis. It manifests the unending flow of time. It reverberates a vibration that triggers the futuristic ideas of the living organisms that are granted with rational and logical thinking. Nevertheless, teachers should not forget about the old trends of teaching materials, rather incorporate these ideas to the new concepts that lead to growth and development not only of the pillars of learning but also of those who make the pillars stronger.



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