It is nobody’s fault why there are students who are arduous to control their behavior. It is a natural law that a balance is well observed in certain vicinity, like the force of the magnet that attracts its opposite, but repels its similar pole. An educator has to understand that it is part of his or her job to reinforce through punishments and rewards learners who are absolutely controllable and uncontrollable. There are philosophical principles a teacher may ponder to avoid giving up on his or her duties:

  1. You are not a teacher if you do not expect unpleasant behaviors. It is a reality that there are schools where majority of the students are manifesting a constant courtesy and respect to their gurus, but not for so long. When thinking about public schools, one type of stereotyping among teachers commonly occurs – that most students are showing displeasing attitudes and manners. However, a teacher should not worry too much about this. He or she should have firstly thought that the world he or she entered reveals so many distressful events. To face these unwanted signs among the learners is the great role of a teacher. An educator should not be scared or peevish to deal with these scholastic problems. Otherwise, not a touch of teaching and learning will be rather effective.
  2. There is no teacher without students living in a chaotic classroom. Chaos is a noun that refers to a complete disorder and confusion. It becomes an adjective when added a suffix, thus termed “chaotic.” Somehow, we may figuratively define a chaotic classroom as a physical learning environment where a number of intolerable students are accommodating it. Yet it does not mean that a teacher accountable for the said class is not good or not responsible at all. Instead, this guru has the chance to prove that chaos may be changed to order. This is how educators should view various hindrances. It means a lot when someone becomes benevolent out of a ravishing and tormenting insolence. Striving until the finish line is not enough. Striving until the next starting point matters most.
  3. Love magically softens even the sturdiest heart. Take into account that once an impudent student is ashamed in front of the class by the teacher, he or she may come up with an immediate plan against the one concerned. A teacher should be familiar with the hidden or misunderstood agenda of the students. That learner is deeply affected with so much troubled heart that aches inside, thus he distrusts anyone to be a provider of a needed attention. What someone needs is tender care, passionate love, and soothing comfort. Time gradually mends the fissure over someone who goes through pain. A school is another home for a student, and a teacher serves as the second parent.
  4. Words are sweet, but are also sharp blades that cut deep down the bones. One of the best and practical ways in disciplining a student is by addressing a sermon (as if a parent is seriously directing to his or her child). However, there are some instances that these lectures are relatively discouraging and below the belt. It gnaws the ears of the people who might hear every single statement, and the worst is when they become emotionally unsecure. The late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago quoted that a true teacher does not terrorize ignorant students, because a true teacher knows that it is his job to cure ignorance. Fear creates a desolate feeling among any living creature. If a learner is disturbed with the muttered bad languages, concentration towards good thoughts is neglected. A teacher must not only act professionally, but must also possess a concrete manifestation of professionalism. By carefully thinking first before articulating harsh words, surely, a harmonious relationship will trigger a long-term camaraderie.
  5. Enjoy life, enjoy being a teacher. The most suitable feeling to pursue a teaching profession is by enjoying every moment of teaching that lasts like a lifetime. A bad situation turns harder to solve when it is injected with negative energies. That is to say, 10 % happens to an individual’s life while the rest of 90 % depends on how he or she reacts. Teachers serve as prime models for all who wish to learn better. It is a force of positive feeling that disseminates joy and carves a smile and guarantees laughter to all faces glowing with determined goals. Enjoyment is the best remedy.









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