Sometimes, the only way to achieve success is to leave the past, live in the present and target the future.

                Last September 29, 2017, President Rodrigo Duterte has signed an executive order mandating all Educational Institutions to prohibit teachers from giving students of all levels homework or assignment. This is in lieu with Memorandum 392 issued by the Department of Education last September 2010 that prohibits the same but only during weekends.

                Some of the teachers believe that removing homework does not have enough basis. Homework encourages students to become responsible and to see if they study their lesson at home. Lastly, assignments are an integral part in computing the grades.

                According to the president, the law will give the students their well-deserved rest after spending the whole day focusing on studies. It will give them enough time to process the information that they have learned during the day. And in reality, most of the homework are done by the parents and not by the students themselves.

                Principals and other school heads must make sure that this law is properly implemented sanctions must be made if teachers failed to do so. The teachers must prepare activities that will help them evaluate if the students have learned the lesson while in school. Removing homework lessens the work load of both teachers and students.

                With or without homework, a student’s future is still bright as long as there is a teacher lighting up the way.


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