The human mind is a valuable gift of creation. In fact, since  the ancient of days up to the present the inventiveness and creativity in the minds of people has bring in a lot of discoveries due to intuitions with respect to the need to survive.

        We underestimate the computing power of a device that can fit in the palms of our hands. Nowadays, for many people, calculator is an application that opens on their smart phones. But before it got that luxurious, calculators went through a series of evolutionary steps that brought us to this point

        In the earliest surviving traces of the counting system, numbers are built up with a repeated sign for each group of 10 followed by another repeated sign for 1. Arithmetic is not easily developed until an efficient numerical system is in place. Hence, the late arrival in the history of mathematics, requiring both the idea of zero and the concept of place value has come into place.

        Research suggest that inadequate guidance in the use of calculating tools can restrict the kind of mathematical thinking that the students engage in.

        With disciplined learning, the nature within the human mind still reigns over the use of the battery or solar powered calculators.



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