Pythagoras was one of the greatest minds and p[philosophers of his time and his unquestionable influence  can be felt even today in mathematics. It is believed that he was the first man who referred to himself as a “philosopher”.  He was the founder of the Pythegorenism, a religious and political movement that appeared mainly in the big cities of Magna Crecia (today Southern Italy )


                At around 529 BC, Pythagoras moved from Greece to a Greek colony at Crotona, in the heel of Italy. There he established a philosophical sect based on the belief that numbers are the underlying and unchangeable truth of the universe. He and his followers soon made precisely some sort of discoveries to reinforce this numerical faith which became established standard in the present times. 

          The Pythagoreans exemplified the presentation that musical notes vary in accordance with the length of a vibrating string; whatever length of string a flute player starts with when it is doubled, the note will always falls by exactly an octave. As of now, it still is the standard basis of the music scale. 

          In like manner, the followers of Pythagoras are also able to prove that whatever the shape of a triangle, its three angles always add up to the sum of two right angles which is 180 degrees. 

          The most famous equation in classical mathematics is still known as of our time as the Pythagorean Theory. In essence, any right-angle triangle, the square of the longest side (the hypotenuse) is equal to the sum of the squares of the two other sides.

                The theorem made by Pythagoras which now bears his name may have been invented in India is the one who proved and analyzed the theorem on a scientific basis by using theoretical geometry, logical evidence a ruler, and a compass as his tools.

          Despite not knowing for sure how this great philosopher, mathematician and inventor died, his name and theories have lived on to this day. His magnificent teachings have been studied throughout the centuries and will be remembered for centuries to come.




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