Being a teacher takes a lot of sacrifices and courage to face different kinds of hardships and challenges.

The primary role of a modern teacher centers upon instructional activities in the classroom.Now a days, teachers should focus on the planning, developing ,organizing and prepare lessons for the instructional day before students arrive in the classroom..

Effective lesson planning helps to improve the quality of  the instruction which the students are receiving. The teacher did their best in implementing all rules and regulations of the school hoping that the students will obey  also.

For me, teachers and students as well as their parents should cooperate and coordinate to one another to have a quality education. It is not enough that parents give the allowance of their children, they should monitor them specifically the attendance of their children.

According to many, teachers are  the second mother of the students, yes I agree 100%, but it does not mean that  they are responsible for the development of the whole individual of a student.

Parents has the great factor too in developing one student.


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