People need goals and they also need help reaching them. After the situation calls for them to set their own goals and time table to reach them. On occasion – as in classroom situation- they have the goals and time table set for them. But in either case, people need goals of a level where they can reach them. Good leadership does what it can help people set these goals, monitor their progress, and keep moving ahead on time, on track and on target.

            Good – setting is a foreign idea to vast numbers of people. So the leader often must move very slowly as he introduces the concept of the people with whom he is involved. You know how important goals is to direction. People need goals to provide direction for their lives. It is impossible for a person to press forward if there is no mark. It is impossible for us to finish our course if there is no finish line. Another goals are important to ensure progress. Without goals, people can be like rocking chairs, with movement but no progress. In absence of goals can endanger the life of the organization. Finally the reason for goals is to accomplish a purpose. He who shots at nothing hits nothing. If you have no goal, you will never know when to stop. People can work day and night, for weeks, months or year, but without a specific goals, task will never be completed. Why? Because there is no task. You have not set out to do anything measurable. Therefore, you never get anything measure done.

            A leader should most assured the Lord for specific guidance about a specific plan that move toward specific goal. The leader should help his follower’s first focus on their long-range objective. For unless they have evaluated their overall life goal, they have no bases for determining more immediate everyday goals. Then goal can vary, but unless the person as long-range goal burning in his heart, he will have no basis for setting his activities on daily basis. His long-range goals determine his short- range goals.

            Once a person has determined his long-range goals the leader should help him determine the short-range goals which will help him meet his objective. Short-range goals re essential in accomplishing long-range goal. Short-range goal ate also necessary for motivation and morale. Breaking a project down into small, bite-sized unit that are reachable keeps a person going. People need help in determining their goals and how to achieve their goals. The leader must teach his followers to actively seek how to fulfill the goal. Planning and organizing placing thing in proper order are responsibility place squarely on the shoulders of the leaders. Good leaders will also teach their followers how to do this things.

            The leaders responsibility does not end after he has help his followers, set a long- range and short-range goal. The good leaders must show them how to put those goal into action. It is important to teach when to act. Proper timing cannot be over stated. Even though people feel a strong urge to plunge ahead, they must be taught to temper their emotion with wisdom and discretion. And lastly the must make sure that hid people know how to implement the goal have set for themselves. 


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