What makes a motivational leaders? What do some leaders have that inspires people to eager enthusiasm for the task that has given them? Why are some leaders able to arouse a high level of morale and commitment? Is it a gift? Or is it an ability that can be learned? I believed it can be acquired and put to work and all levels of leadership in the home, in the business, in the community, in the school. In the task large or small.

            What are the necessary need to become a successful motivational leader? Number one is responsible leader. Whatever the enterprise, the leader is responsible for the success and failure of the organization. A leader should not only guide others to ensure great professional success, but also to inspire, influence, and most importantly, motivate their followers. To become a motivational leader be a role model. Leadership is very much who you are, but it cannot be divorced from what you do. Who you are represents the inner person, and what you do represents the outer person. Each is dependent on the other for maximum effectiveness. The starting point of motivational leadership is to begin seeing yourself as a role model, as an example to others. One key characteristic of leaders is that they set high standards of accountability for themselves and for their behaviors. They assume that others are watching them and setting their own standards according to what they see. This is one of the requirement for the leadership.

            Aside from this a motivational leader must be sure that he is always growing. Continual growth is a key to effective leadership, and God is the key to growth. It is not an option instead it is a must. But growth has an enemies especially the pride. Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before stumbling. One of the greatest danger of pride is that it implies over confident and in turn breeds a careless attitude toward spiritual reality.  When a leader play his confident in himself, he is on the brink of disaster. If a leader begin to think highly of himself, he and the people with him will soon find themselves in trouble. Another enemy of growth is laziness. The lazy man destroy what he has. He lets what he has sift thru his fingers. A cast is a God’s given gift and ability to the wind. The motivational leaders are also need a special training to prepare him for the rigors of independent leadership when he is on his own.

            To maintain a highly degree of motivation and morale, the leader must develop the people involved with him, to reach their fullest potential. And there are several practical things a leader can do to help his people grow. Solomon wrote of four quality that tare vital to a leader. First is honesty, the leader must be absolutely honest with his people. Second is loyalty, the leader must stay with the person through thick and thin. He cannot blame his person if it fails on his responsibility. Third is generosity, the leader should commend work that is well done. We all need apart on the back of now and then, and a word of encouragement. And lastly humility. It is the mother of all virtue, the number one characteristic of a motivational leader. God gives the leader a responsibility to develop a proper committed to his charges. Without exception, every person under a leader charges need further development and training.

            And lastly a motivational leader is an equipper. The leader is also laborer first, last and always. But more than that, he is a laborer plus. For he is a laborer who also train others to labor. Not only he is skilled in leadership, but he also know how to equip other to do the same. So we may call him equipper. An equipper is one who helped other to become leader too.  Like others, you have the decision to make. You can watch other work, or you can join the ranks of a good motivational leaders.



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