The sun wakes up at dawn; climbs the sky at noon, bursts its golden shadow, makes our way so bright.

Life is a puzzle. Sometimes it is tough. Sometimes it is simple. We can find our way, and we can lose our say. What’s life without happiness? Could you smile without things that build your joy?

According to Curiano, in life, what you really want will never come easy. It is always delicate, a fragile joy. Sometimes sweet as wondrous bouquet. When I achieved something, I smile. When they are joking, I laugh. When there are presents, it surprises me. When I and my family are bonding, I’m glad. But it doesn’t mean I am happy, it was just my reaction, but not my happiness. The world is so frisky, full of mystery and unending questions, lots of challenges which bring lessons, rich in fabulous things that caught our dreams. But it will fly with the air again. Life holds our happiness but still seeking for the right time to express it. As we don’t know that when we are born in this lovely planet, our bliss was already attached to us. But we are not flaunting it. We are all born with talents and we will find our hearts beatitude on it. It is preliminarily, a happiness that we can proudly beam. But I? Still haunting for my unreasoned present. I am still looking for the reasons of my beating heart and knackered mind to smile without any explanation just being true and knowing myself before letting others judge me.

Because success is never final, failure can be. Humans are humans as we are helping ourselves to find the way of happiness. We also make the stout stairs towards progress. Be what we are. Always smile. Discover what we have. Cause life is not measured by the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away.

The puzzle has to be solved. Everyone has to play. Enjoy the puzzle as you go along the way.

The candle is dancing in the dark. The moon rests in the midnight sky, watching us dream of who we are. But tomorrow, the sun will guide us again.


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