Before an individual enters the teaching profession he or she should profoundly think of the real purpose of teaching.

In considering teaching as a profession and a vocation, a teacher may answer the questions what, why, how, what extent and so what.

What? This question asks the nature of the work itself. It pertains to the idea that teaching is a serious job and that it entails dedication and devotion in offering educational services to the center of the field of education…the learners. The job may connote on the process of working for the holistic development of every child in the academic field.

Why? Teaching is not for itself alone.  This question answers the reasons behind the education of the learner. The teachers need to educate every learner for them to discover their abilities, skills, talents and intelligences.  Moreover, education is being given in order to prepare the learner in the challenges of the world…in real life situations.

How? To be able to achieve educational objectives, the teacher should manifest them in the performance of the job. Teaching with quality and excellence may mold the child better. Applying the latest strategies and trends as required by the new curriculum is necessary. Further, offering more creative learning experiences inside and outside the classroom is advisable.

            What extent? Education is a continuous process and it also keeps on evolving to meet the needs of the learners and to comply with the world demands and standards.  Teachers are expected to grow professionally and anticipated to offer the best possible educational services they can for the sake of their clients…the students.

            So what?  We are teaching and doing the best in it not just for the sake of the job but instead we have to perform the job for others.  We have to teach in the utmost way for the benefit of the society.  Finally, we are sharing our knowledge, abilities and talents for the betterment of the world for the people that we hone today would uplift tomorrow.

            Indeed, the real essence, purpose and mission of teacher may be intelligently answered by questions given and discussed above.







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