Teenage years are the most exciting stage of a student’s life. A point in time wherein they are in the process of creating their self identity, a point of inspirational living, a point of discernment, a point of thinking how will their future be, a point of enjoying a little independence. How amiable! Because of their incomparable knowledge of gadgets. How free spirited! They can get in expressing their thoughts and opinions. How ambitious! They can be as they look forward to their future. How fashionable! They dressed up and carry themselves. How joyful! They were during their unguarded moments of bonding times. These are the markings of our students in the school. The millenials as they were called.

            As a teachers, let’s embrace these changes we’ve been experiencing in their attitudes. Remember, into the eyes of our student’s lies their hopes! Be the connection! Be the bridge to reach their dreams!



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