Since the implementation or way before the k-12 DEPED program was implemented, various speculations, reactions and contradictions gained the interest of the public. To note in particular, parents sentiments in lieu of additional 2 more years in senior high school was clearly raised up.

            But in my mind as an educator myself, I can vividly see the good side and benefits of k-12 program.

K-12 program states:

All Filipino students are required to have 1 year of kindergarten, six years of Elementary Schooling (1-6), four years of Junior High School (1-4) and two years of Senior High School. (11 and 12).

In the whole Asia, we are the only country which has only 10 years Basic Education. K-12 is a rich avenue for holistic education for all. Giving our youths ample of time to master the knowledge they have ponder their skills for better chance of good employment.



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