Any office has a lot of records to be cared and kept. Writing component of communication is very important in any office. The very recent system is E- Recording. This is a type of filing records like cloud storage for access in the future. In just one click, you can open the file/document, and there goes the data you want to read or use. When there is the availability of records anytime, the searching time becomes short and easy. This will provide an information on the subject you tackle conveniently.

          Tracking back of information in terms of data gathering when kept on hard copies might be troublesome. It is also susceptible to damage or lost; could become unreadable due to calamities. But not on E- recording, it’s much safer and cheaper to keep such files. The only downside on e- recording is hacking. This can be prevented thru backups kept on separate storage drives and maintained in different location.

          This time is on the edge of computer based processes. Organizations should always seize the opportunities these services has to offer. E- Recording can serve a lot of purpose to our users of the files and records they want to access. Provided the files are not considered top secret as in some cases. The information in E- Recording are only those that are not confidential in nature.



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