In 1810, a French inventor by the name of Nicholas Appert was able to put a hallmark on food preservation as he developed the canning process which is considered as decisive event in the process of food preservation. Appert did not even know the principle of the process which he was working on. It was only during the turn of events which paved the way for his work that the canning process contributed a major impact on food preservation.

            In groceries big and small we always find a wide array of canned and packed goods all lined up in their shelves. From meat, fish, vegetables, drinks, dairies, breads, cereals and others that maybe in the grocer’s list, name it and they are made ready available for human consumers. It may not as important to a hungry stomach that needs to be fed to know how such diversified food variation were processed before they reach the market place.

            Food technology is a food science dealing in careful production processes in making foods that is important and beneficial to its consumers. As a science it brings with it is the commitment that every food produced in the process is safe for consumption bearing the quality seal. The integral part of food technology is in its evolutional process. The purpose of which is for the advancement of food science that will contribute to health and wellness of the humankind. Going further, it also provides for the balance in the demand and supply of safe and quality food in global scale.

            In general aspect, food technology involves various aspects in the field of science. The inventory of its process includes planning, harvesting, processing, production, packaging and distribution of finished quality food products and drinks to the market.

            Professionals who work in this field are called food technologist who are earnestly ethical in the advancement of their craft. Usually they work for the improvement of manufacturing methods through preservation, proper storage, new product development and new science research. In like manner, they work hand in hand with food scientists to enhance and ensure the nutritional value of foods.

            Indeed, the benefit of food technology to the world encompasses can be equated to human existence. That, without this food science the aesthetic character of food will never ever meet the grade suitable for edible consumption in the demand and supply of food for the human race.



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