Man’s existence is always dependent on the balance of nature. It is from nature that life is preserved. Nature gives life its sustenance. It is also the fundamental source of basic human needs in the form of food, clothing, shelter and even healing medications beneficial to man.

            Food is vitally important for the growth and development of the human body. It is the source of the necessary substance that sustains and prolongs life. Moreover, the nutrients that are extracted from food sources are also important building blocks for human and other living things in order of survival. When the balance of nature is preserved in the way it should be, co-existence is probably maintained as purposed. The reciprocal process between man and nature brings out about beneficial effects to both. Nature provides us with the abundant supply of life’s necessities at any given time. In the presence of balance, the cycle of life can also be established to its fullest.

            It is undeniable that the human habitat is teeming with rich natural resources. Resources which are enough to feed everyone in the planet called earth. It is unfortunate that in the present days that the supposed balance between man and nature is being undermined. It is mainly due to misuse and abuse of nature that the process of disintegration in the life cycle is becoming more and more evident.

            Instead of the expected harmonious co-existence, the tip of the scale has leaned its weight to one side. Such imbalance brings about human struggles in having to conform to the behavior of the natural environment every time a natural calamity presents itself with devastation. With these manifestations, being aware of the many unexpected ways nature would react must be given full and careful attention.

            When pointing to the issue of climate change, there are as many answers to explain the occurrence of typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, forest fires and other natural catastrophes which when simplified does not need further explanation. From complex of reasoning, the bottom line boils down into thinking that the forces of the once gentle nature are echoing sentiments about the careless man-made actions and failures to keeping the balance of co-existence.

            More than ever, all of us must be sensitive to nature’s message that echoes every day in so many ways, lest we forget that nature is man’s best friend.



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