General Fund



                “WHEREAS, as of February 4, 1985, there exists in the Book of Accounts of the Municipal Treasurer of Orion, Bataan, unappropriated balance per last budget in the total amount of P23,481.17 and the amount of P 18,419.17 representing balance end of the year per Trial Balance;

                “WHEREAS, there also appears reversion of appropriation from Gasoline Allowance (Municipal Judge) amounting to P3,600.00 and underestimated revenue from Public Market Receipts in the amount of P24,500.00, from Internal Revenue Allotment in the amount of P38,048.28 and from Municipal Treasurer in the amount of P15,000.00;

                “WHEREAS, it is necessary to allocate additional appropriation for additional aid to Puericulture Center in the amount of P1,000.00, for Wages in the Mayor’s Office in the amount of P4,000.00, for the COLA – Mayor’s Office – P6,600.00, Sangguniang Bayan – P13,200.00, Assessor’s Office – P3,300.00, Water System – P1,100.00, Treasurer’s Office – P17,900.00, Social & Public Welfare – P2,200.00, Market & Slaughterhouse – P5,500.00, for additional salary for the Municipal Treasurer in the amount of P360.00, for State Insurance in the amount of P216.24, for 18% INP Share in the amount of P26,253.12, for Mun. Judge’s Representation Allowance in the amount of P3,600.00, for Electric Bill and Interfund Transfer to Infra. in the amount of P3,000.00 and P7,609.70, respectively;

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