“WHEREAS, the Provincial Government is maintaining the wooden bridge at Barangay Gen. Lim, this municipality, but due to the strong currents of water during rainy season and the damage created by the heavy vehicles which may pass the said bridge from time to time, it has to be maintained on a regular basis so that every time it is repaired, residents of Gen. Lim as well as motorists are inconveniently hampered in their journey;

                “WHEREAS, the Sangguniang Bayan of Orion, Bataan, thru the Municipal Mayor Gabriel L. Manrique, has made representations with the Honorable Governor to convert the said wooden bridge into a concrete one and the Provincial Governor has exerted all efforts to realize this project with the provincial Government is now undertaking;

                “WHEREAS, in response to the clamor of the residents therein and other motorists who use the said bridge, it is now being converted into a concrete bridge to make it permanent structure and to protect the lives and properties of the people during stormy weather;

                “WHEREAS, there are two wooden bridge in the Poblacion, one at the Orion Public Market (Tulay Gitna) and another at Barangay Balut, which need repair considering that they are on the brink of collapse due to the fact they have been constructed way back in 1960’s and by passing of time and strong typhoons, both bridges are dilapidated;

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