“WHEREAS, presented before this Body during its regular session is the Resolution no. 2 of Orion Federated Parents- Teachers Association, Orion District;

                “WHEREAS, embodied in the said Resolution is the request of the Federated PTA of Orion to the Provincial Governor, Efren B. Pascual to allocate one multi-purpose building out of the several multi-purpose buildings allocated for Bataan to be used as a Home Economics Building for the Orion Central Elementary School, where the students were long deprived of a good place to conduct their classes due to the condition of the H.E. Building;

                “WHEREAS, it is likewise requested that a new three-room school-building be constructed at the Sto. Domingo Elementary School for the coming school year to meet the demands of the growing population of the school-age children of the barangay;

                “WHEREAS, the Capunitan Elementary School not just needs repair and rehabilitation of old and dilapidated school buildings but a new three-room school building to be constructed within the compound to be able to provide its students good and effective public education by giving them a healthy environment;

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