“WHEREAS, the memory of men, whose lives had been spent practically to help his fellowmen, shall linger in the minds of those they had left behind and shall be worthy of appreciation and emulation of the generations to come;

                “WHEREAS, the late Honorable Avelino J. Sabino, a Sangguniang Bayan Member of the Municipality of Orion, Bataan, up to the time of his death, is among those whose service and assistance should be appreciated and emulated by the people of Orion who have been lucky enough to have raised and served by a man of such distinction;

                “WHEREAS, as a Municipal Council/ Sangguniang Bayan Member of the Municipality of Orion for 27 long years, his term was characterized by a great desire to serve his constituents, dedication to the obligation and duties he has sworn into and selfless assistance he has extended to the people;

                “WHEREAS, the late Pedro B. Bantog, the incumbent Barangay Captain of Arellano, Orion, Bataan, is also among those we have to give due recognition for the unselfish and untiring service he had rendered to this municipality as its Municipal Treasurer for almost 12 years and also to the people of Orion for the acts of assistance he had extended beyond his duty as Barangay Captain;

                “WHEREAS, even without the benefit of great wealth, the late Pedro B. Bantog, armed only with industriousness, diligence, dedication to his duty and hardwork, was able to send his six (6) children to higher education so that all his children are now professionals in their own right;

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