“WHEREAS, the Municipal Government of Orion is in dire need of an ambulance to serve the needs of the poor constituents of Orion and neighboring towns who may, from time to time, be brought to Manila for further medical check-up or on emergency cases;

                “WHEREAS, the Sangguniang Bayan of this same municipality is aware that Westinghouse is donating several units of air-conditioned Station Wagon to the Provincial Governor;

                NOW, THEREFORE, on motion of SB Member Teodoro T. Catalan duly seconded by SB Member Pedro R. Santos be it

                “RESOLVED, that this Body in session assembled, requests as it hereby requests the Honorable Governor Efren B. Pascual, to give one (1) unit of air-conditioned Station Wagon to the Municipality of Orion to be utilized as Municipal Ambulance in line with our social services to our people;

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