“WHEREAS, it has been noted that the water supply from the Orion Waterworks System is contaminated with impurities and harmful bacteria which jeopardizes the health and well-being of the consumers;

                “WHEREAS, the Orion Waterworks System is supplying water to almost one-half of the town proper of Orion populated by 20,000 persons more or less and the present condition of the water coming from the said waterworks system may bring catastrophic damage to the population of the areas depending on it if not given proper attention immediately;

                “WHEREAS, the aforecited situation of the Orion Waterworks System prompted the Municipal Mayor to order it temporarily closed until such time that a new deep-well can be constructed to replace the one which are relatively smaller;

                “WHEREAS, it was likewise observed that there are areas where water supply is of low-pressure causing non-water service at all and this situation may be attributed to the size of pipes laid in those areas which are relatively smaller;

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