“WHEREAS, P/Maj. Mario D. Lopez, former Station Commander of Orion INP from January 10, 1983 to March 31, 1985, has worked and contributed greatly to the preservation of peace and order in the Municipality of Orion, Bataan, so that the Sangguniang Bayan of this municipality extolls his exemplary performance of his duties which brought benefits to our constituents;

                “WHEREAS, P/Maj. Lopez’s intensive drive against all forms of irregularity resulted in the busting of a estafa case thru falsification of commercial documents on June 2, 1983, the apprehension of two men in uniform and a civilian involved in piracy at sea on April 9, 1984, and the continuos apprehension and filing of cases against 20 groups of persons who have violated, in one way or another, laws/regulations promulgated by the National, Provincial and Municipal Governments against illegal fishing which deprive our citizens who depend solely on the fishing industry, of their daily income;

                “WHEREAS, P/Maj. Mario D. Lopez, who is now the Station Commander of Balanga INP, has endeared himself to the people of Orion through his untiring assistance of social and economic relevance to them even as he is not assigned here in Orion anymore;

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