“WHEREAS, the Sangguniang Bayan of Orion, Bataan, during its regular session on August 20, 1984, has enacted Municipal Ordinance no. 2, series of 1984, in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 704, under Resolution No. 34 s. 1984, which was formulated to regulate fishing and/or fisheries in the municipal waters in this town;

                “WHEREAS, Section 14 of the said Municipal Ordinance indicated that the privilege of taking or catching fish in the municipal waters of this municipality with nets, traps, or other fishing gears without using there for fishing boats or vessels three tons gross or less, shall be granted under ordinary license permit issued by the Municipal Treasurer to any person, cooperative, partnership, association or corporation qualified under Section 4 of the same ordinance upon payment of the corresponding license permit fee required therefore in the schedule enumerated thereat, and the use of fishing boat or vessel in the catching or taking of fish shall subject the licensee to pay additional regulatory fee for the operation of the said fishing boat or vessel, the amount of which is determined on the type of vessel/boat and on the power of the engine;

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