“WHEREAS, the municipal waters of Orion, Bataan, has been the constant source of food and income of the people of this municipality as it has provided fish and other aquatic products;

                “WHEREAS, the prolification of groups of persons involved in illegal fishing like trawl, use of dynamite and other explosives, has robbed the poor folks of Orion their daily income and has depleted the Manila Bay of aquatic resources;

                “WHEREAS, the Municipal Government of Orion has continuously exerting all possible efforts with the assistance of the Orion INP in curbing out illegal fishing in municipal waters of Orion resulting in the apprehension of several groups of persons and filing of charges against them before the Third Municipal Circuit Trial Court of Orion – Pilar;

                “WHEREAS, the combined forces of the Municipal Government of Orion and Orion INP seemed insufficient in restraining illegal fishing thus it cannot entirely apprehend all groups of illegal fishers who are well-armed;

                “WHEREAS, the establishment of a fish sanctuary in Manila Bay will not help in the preservation of aquatic resources if illegal fishing in Manila Bay can operate freely as what is happening these days;

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