“WHEREAS, the Bataan Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BATELCO), the only electric cooperative supplying electricity to the entire province of Bataan, is suffering from heavy losses despite the escalating rate of electricity;

                “WHEREAS, system loss incurred from the operation of BATELCO is caused by several factors such as technical defects, pilferage committed by big and small consumers including some BATELCO personnel, inefficient collection and illegal connections;

                “WHEREAS, these heavy losses incurred from the operation of BATELCO has caused the cooperative a losing proposition thus prompting the National Electrification Administration (NEA) to assign one of its best personnel to take over the management of BATELCO;

                “WHEREAS, since the assumption into office by Engr. Evelito A. Elento as Acting General Manager and with the some technical men from NEA, the losses incurred by BATELCO have been decreased considerably as he has effected the implementation of some measures such as the replacement of defective KWH meters, curtailment of special privilege given to BATELCO personnel for the use of electricity, confiscation of illegal connections and had intensified collection from delinquent consumers;

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